Adult Ministries

Daughters of the King

Once a month during the school year, from September until May, the women of the church get together on the 2nd Saturday of the month for about two hours.    

Daughter's of the King focuses upon growing closer to Christ through a unique devotion and developing closer relationships with one another.  

A monthly meeting consists of a short Bible lesson, meal, fellowship, and often an     activity or craft.   

The meetings start at 11:00 AM

Potluck Sundays

On the last Sunday of each month, during the school year, our church family joins together for a meal after the morning worship service. 

In addition to Pot Luck, each week, we host a Coffee Hour after church so that folk can visit, enjoy a few laughs, and have a light snack before traveling home.  

Newport Baptist will host missionary visits.     It is during this time we afford everyone an opportunity to meet and learn about our missionaries. These visits occur throughout the year and are popular events.  

Men's Prayer Breakfast

On the first Saturday of every month, at 7:00 AM, the men of the church meet for an interactive Bible study, time for prayer, and a delicious home cooked meal. 

Men's Prayer Breakfast runs throughout the school year.  It's always a great time for fellowship and spiritual growth.  Occassionally the guys will tackle a church project after breakfast, e.g., raking the yard or building something. 

Senior Luncheons

Each month the church serves a special luncheon for the seniors of the church and community.  

Pastor Dave shares a devotion at the luncheon. 

The meal is free and open to the community.  

The luncheons typically run from September until May.  

Special Services

Throughout the year,  Newport Baptist Church gathers for a variety of special services that are truly memborable moments: 

Sunrise Service on Easter

Our Annual Picnic

Ice Cream Socials


Christmas Eve Candlelight Service